vauxhall helicopter crash

Flaming wreckage after the crash Mr Barnes, from Berkshire, has been described as "a good guy" who was "full of life and
Updated: 17:57 17 January 2013 - more comments from Chris Barnes The partner of the pilot killed in a London helicopter crash
Two workmen who should have been in a crane that was hit by a helicopter in central London escaped death by minutes because
The wreckage of a car can be seen in Vauxhall Mr Carslake confirmed that the helicopter didn't hit the tower block itself
The pilot who died after his helicopter crashed in Vauxhall, London, was one of the country's most experienced pilots, having
Fog shrouded the top of the tower block Dense black smoke was billowing from the area, close to the river Thames after the
Investigations began on Wednesday into why an Agusta 109 helicopter collided with a construction crane in Vauxhall, London
Eyewitnesses have described scenes of chaos, 'fireballs' and body bags at a crash in central London after a helicopter sliced