Two security personnel were in the hermetically-sealed vehicle with the president.
The symbols were found sprayed on vehicles and garages on Remembrance Sunday.
The 28-year-old died from multiple injuries after being dragged under a vehicle.
The alert affected certain model year 2014-2019 vehicles with four-cylinder diesel engines.
There is a savage irony for the advertising industry in the crash of the VW brand. Of all car manufacturer brands VW was the one with the greatest advertising legacy, dating back to the now iconic ads produced by the DDB advertising agency, under the leadership of the legendary Bill Bernbach.
If you've been watching Formula 1 for a few years then you'll know that Richard Branson, boss of Virgin and one of the UK's richest men, has been around the series but only dipped his toe in the lukewarm waters of the world's most advanced for of motorsport...