A lot of patients are worried about developing leg ulcers in later life - and that is not surprising. In my work as a vascular surgeon, I have treated thousands of patients with leg ulcers and seen at first hand the problems they cause.
As haemorrhoids are usually treated by bowel surgeons with little research or interest in venous surgery, traditionally haemorrhoids have just been chopped out - not only a very painful operation but also leading to recurrence in a large proportion of cases.
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Varicose veins can be largely only cosmetic. Possibly, that is why male patients are reluctant to seek out treatment. However symptoms such as chronic aching and itching can cause great discomfort, and in some severe cases can rupture and cause ulcers in the legs.
It's not a pretty subject, but it is an important one: varicose veins affect a large proportion of the UK population at some point in their lives. Surgical treatment of varicose veins is my business, so I notice many recurring questions from patients about the condition and its treatment.
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