Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

The president needs to realise that the biggest dagger to his government won't come from "fascists" on the street, it will come from a failure to stabilise inflation and the exchange rate.
In three weeks time, Venezuelan's will vote in their first Presidential contest for 15 years without Hugo Chávez. But Chavismo is set to record yet another victory
Over the coming days and weeks, plenty will be said on Chavez. Some analysis will be fair and well researched; other accounts will pass through the distorting lens of Western interests. As the case of Suharto demonstrates, this lens can play optical tricks, indeed millions can be wiped from the record.
Vice President Nicolas Maduro announced on 5 March that the controversial figure and President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, is dead. Having battled with cancer since 2011, news of the death of the 58 year old will not have surprised many yet Chavez's sudden departure has led to questions of what will happen next.
Breast implants, the Falkland Islands and how capitalism may have ended life on Mars. The late Hugo Chavez had an opinion
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez's ill health is likely to prevent him from being able to take his fourth oath of office
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is in a "delicate and complex" condition after undergoing cancer surgery in Cuba three weeks
The Chavez regime has its problems; including crime, corruption and the unremitting hostility of the United States. Perhaps the biggest problem is the health of Chavez himself. If his cancer were to return, there is no succession plan. But last night in the balmy Venezuelan night air, as the city of Caracas erupted with joy around us, there could be no doubt that the poor of Venezuela saw a victory for Chavez as a victory for themselves.
A 19-year-old Venezuelan girl has been given a free house by President Hugo Chavez, just for becoming his 3 millionth twitter