Anna Stoehr is a fan of Facebook, she wants to post pictures, like statuses and be reminded of when people's birthdays are
Investors in Vodafone will receive a £54 billion cash and shares windfall after the telecoms giant sold its share in Verizon
If Vodafone sells its stake in Verizon for £84 billion - as appears to be on the cards - the impact will be so big that you
Vodafone might be about to carry out one of the largest corporate transactions of all time. The deal would see the mobile
In the good old days, the primary (or usually only) choice was to have their own IT infrastructure installed on the business premises. But with the increasing bandwidths and network accessibility, cloud-based services have established themselves as a credible and cheaper alternative.
A US-based software developer has been caught outsourcing his work to China for less than a fifth of his six figure salary
Political hacking groups such as Anonymous were responsible for more than half of all records stolen through data breaches