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The Downing Street brawlers are soon to be joined by another male cat from Battersea - the Treasury recently adopted domestic shorthair Gladstone as their Chief Mouser. He has yet to be let out on the street, but there has been speculation as to whether he will join the cat wars. Hopefully Theresa May will look at these top tips before introducing the new tabby to the street!
Sadly, each year we continue to hear devastating stories of dogs being trapped in baking cars, many of whom die as a result. Many people still believe that it's fine to leave a dog in a car if the windows are left open, or they are parked in the shade. But the truth is that leaving your dog in the car for even a few minutes is gambling with their life.
Britain has long been touted as a nation of animal lovers, which was confirmed last year when we spent a record £6 billion on our pets. But as medical care becomes better, animals are living longer and this is contributing to a rise in old-age conditions that would have been rarer in the past.
Our latest research shows that nearly half a million dogs are still being fed human chocolate, which is really worrying because even a few squares of dark chocolate is enough to potentially fatally poison a small dog such as a Yorkshire Terrier.
When you go to your vet, they have to be reasonably nice to you. They need you to work with them for the health of your pet. They can't annoy you by being too frank. So sometimes, what is coming out of their mouths, is actually a highly edited and extremely tactful version of what is in their heads.
PDSA's latest Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report has found that for some pets, their daily diet contains treats, scraps and leftovers, takeaway and, more worryingly, even some foods that are toxic to our pets like human chocolate and alcohol. Levels of pet obesity are rising and our overweight furry friends are just as likely to suffer from the same obesity related health problems as humans.
Graphic warning: One of the photos below shows an image of a sick dog with a uterine prolapse, which some people may find
It's that time of the year when people up and down the country put heart before head and buy a pet for a loved one without thinking through the realities of owning and caring for an animal long-term.
Although we have recently introduced guidance to say that vets and veterinary nurses cannot refer to an unqualified colleague as a veterinary nurse, technically, anyone may use the title - even if they don't have a day of training or a clue about how to treat an animal. To put it quite frankly - the title 'veterinary nurse' has less protection in law than 'Melton Mowbray pork pie'!