Capitec Bank has responded to new allegations made by Viceroy Research.
The bank went into great detail to "address the following incorrect conclusions of the Viceroy report that are both fundamentally flawed and misleading".
National Treasury has gone in to bat hard for Capitec, saying the Viceroy report is reckless.
"Our stocks dropped before the report came out. This shows certain people may have known before," says Capitec CEO.
Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance wants Capitec probed instead.
“Viceroy Research seems to be exploiting the gap in the broader political economy in South Africa."
"Capitec is solvent, well capitalised and has adequate liquidity," says the South African Reserve Bank.
"Worried now. Should we withdraw our money?"
The darling of South African financial markets seems to be a target of opaque "research organisation" Viceroy.