He asked fans for video of the “10 second giant s**t fall.”
MTN has announced that it will be increasing the price on its WhatsApp data bundle, citing constraints on its 3G network. Customers are not impressed at all.
Desmond Williams and Irvin Raymond Bok used to be unlicensed miners on the outskirts of Kimberley. Being legal has made their lives a lot safer and better.
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Two alleged rhino poachers will be appearing in the Benoni Magistrates' Court on Friday. Here's an update on the rhino-poaching situation in South Africa.
While most South Africans were glued to the World Cup, Kevin Anderson turned into a surprise Wimbledon contender. If you haven't been keeping up, here's all you need to know...
We went to the Savanna Comics' Choice Awards nominations to ask comics what they would do if they could change anything in SA overnight. The responses were amazing:
As parents, preparing your child for the future is your most important job. Here's how to teach them about money.
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Some of the NBA's greatest heroes were born in Africa. We talk to the director of basketball operations Kita Matungula.