In which a woman takes videobombing to a whole new level, by licking the face of KOIN 6 News reporter Tim Becker on US midterm
"Spy on me? While I'm hanging out on a highway in São Paulo? Toucan play that game!" Of course, this nosey bird isn't the
From unintentional swearing (yes, be warned: there's a couple of rude words) to completely intentional interruptions, This
To be fair, we've probably all secretly wanted to lark around behind a news reporter. The people in this video, however, actually
The gentleman who videobombed this news reporter in epic style: we salute you. (Via LiveLeak)
He waits for his moment... and waits... and waits... and then... Then he interrupts Aungelique Proctor's report for Fox 5
And they do it Gangnam Style-style. Who says the Germans have no sense of humour?! (Via Tastefully Offensive)
Imagine the scene. You're a hardworking, professional news reporter doing a live section from a street in New Orleans. You're
Univision is a Spanish-language television news network in the United States, and as such it often reports from the White