It's not often you get invited to judge a wine and dessert pairing championship, but when you do, it's difficult to say no. Obviously when I got just such an invitation recently, I jumped at the chance, particularly as the championship in question was in Lithuania - a part of the world I've never visited.
As the cabin readies for take off, I have taken it upon myself, rather mischievously, to alter my subject's surroundings while he is unaware. I have lowered his tray table, elevated his arm rest, reclined his seat, unclipped his seatbelt and closed his window blind, the stewardess is heading methodically in our direction...
I myself am quite happily monogamous and spiritually bound to one lady, but the part of me that would like to live vicariously through Daniel on this excursion wants to fight him to the death. My disillusionment is inflated by the fact he spends his first hour of bedding down in his chambers perusing the tinder application every night before sleep consumes him...
Around two and half hours from London, on a direct flight, Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, is good value, and there's lot's to do, including flying a hot air balloon over the city.
Good fences are not the only things that make good neighbours. It is also about showing interest and offering support when needed. This also applies to the EU and its neighbours. What is happening in Ukraine won't only affect people in that country, it also will have an impact on those living in Britain and the rest of the EU.
How good is your baby at crawling? As good as 11-month-old Victor Kasparas Abromavicius here? We're guessing he (or she) probably
The mayor of Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, has sent a clear message to people who had dared to park illegally by driving