But gigless media personality Cumbo, who now has his own Vimeo series, owes more to Ricky Gervais's earlier work: it is a modern masterpiece of character comedy, a relentlessly inventive depiction of wrong-side-of-forty solitude, Brent's amiable nephew or a Vice-gen Partridge.
2014 was quite the year for drug policy. Whatever your thoughts regarding this global issue, the most important thing was that it really felt like people were talking about it - and more importantly - acting on those words... So much progress has been made, but more is still to be done.
Rush hour might be the ultimate combination of all the things we hate about traveling: it's crowded, slow-moving and ultimately
Prepare to have your mind... well, if not 'blown', then at least a little befuddled and amazed. It's all thanks to this wonderful
Losing a bet usually entails handing over a fiver. Not this time though; one student had his testicles stapled together after
Because we're not just about the LOLs here at HuffPost UK Comedy, you know. We're also about the OOHs and the AAHs. And it
As soon as you start trying to protect people from the potentially offensive, the whole thing turns into a giant game of whack-a-mole. Potentially offensive things leap up from all directions, and no sooner have you squashed one than a dozen more potential shocking things pop up instead. Because EVERYTHING is offensive. In some context. To someone.
KitKat Australia have taken a very different approach recently, taken a break perhaps? [pause for laugh] They have produced an ad which looks like it belongs on the Staff Picks selection of Vimeo. Illustrator Mike Watt was drafted in to create artwork to celebrate the finale of the white chocolate incarnation of everyone's favourite four fingered treat.
A remarkable timelapse video of Earth from space has taken the web by storm. Tomislav Safundžić cut various clips by Nasa
'Ask A Grown Man' is an ongoing video series from Rookie, a website for teenage girls. As such, it deals in teenage girl
The beginning of this video above - Vimeo user Bryan Boyce's bizarre mash-up of Martin Scorsese's classic Taxi Driver and
There's no doubt that Venice is beautiful - but if you want to see it in an even more beautiful way (without getting on a
Frans Hofmeester, the Dutch filmmaker who made incredible timelapse video of his daughter Lotte from birth to 12 years said
Could there be a better use of the internet? Frans Hofmeester, a Dutch father and filmmaker, has made an incredible timelapse
Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood, right? Maybe not. Some very early folk versions of the fairytale actually
I have felt we've lost that sense of people power in recent decades: Until now. Facebook has a global reach of 850 million people. This is an online community with the ability to raise awareness on a scale that is unprecedented.
Pretty much everyone likes to think they know a thing or two about movies - but do they have the nouse to match their mouth
Confronted with a shot glass of whisky - or whiskey if you're from the Ireland and/or The USA - and most people will do one