Vincent Tan

The club started the season with a wealth of options in every area. Some had to go. But a few of the players Slade has let go for next to nothing (or literaly nothing) were far too good for that kind of treatment...
Iain Moody has resigned as Crystal Palace's sporting director hours after a slew of text messages linked to him and former
Last season's dominance, Leicester, as well as being plugged as potential dark horses for next season have been slated for an immediate return to the second tier too. I would be lying if it didn't irritate me that my team has been written off by some (mostly Forest fans) before they've even really been assessed.
Cardiff City earned more from finishing bottom of the Premier League this season than Manchester United did as champions
Let's not beat around the bush, it has been a disastrous foray into the Premier League for Cardiff City. A season beset with controversy and off-field problems is finally coming to a close and the end can't come soon enough for some long-suffering supporters.
The bastardised, rebranded version of Cardiff City were relegated last weekend and there were no crocodile tears from me.
As I detailed in my last blog, when I first heard that there was to be a unified anti rebrand protest march backed by all of the main supporters bodies, I was genuinely pleased but also found it difficult to suppress a degree of cynicism...
The Clásico is as entertaining for its goals as it is for its flare ups. Real Madrid 3-4 Barcelona: Did Sergio Busquets Stamp
About a year and a half later than it should have happened, all of the principal bodies representing Cardiff City supporters are finally uniting in a protest calling for the restoration of the club's traditional blue and bluebird emblem.
There are a rapidly diminishing band of Cardiff City fans still supportive of the seemingly hapless and gaff prone Vincent Tan. Periodically, in the face of detailed critiques of Mr Tan's stewardship of the South Wales club's affairs, we still hear calls for objectivity from this small group of 'believers.' The billionaire knows best etc etc. But do they have a point?