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Zach King is at it again! And by 'it', we do of course mean: 'making amazing magic trick Vines'... SEE ALSO: Our Favourite
And the winner of Album Of The Year is... not your album, Taylor. Sorry. (Check out the reaction of the guy next to her, too
The six-second video app Vine celebrates its first birthday today - so we thought it only right that we round up some of
Be sure to turn the sound on (by clicking on the top left-hand corner) for this seven-second slice of silliness from Joey
In which trickster Christian Leonard thanks the Vine community for his 500,000 followers in typically magic style:
It seemed unfair to choose just one of these as our Vine Of The Day, as they both have something to offer, we feel. Click
(Top tip: make sure you turn the sound on in the top-right hand corner.) Get ready for your close-up, doggy! SEE ALSO: Vine
(Top tip: click on the top left to turn on the sound.) We've all been there, right? (By Robert Terrell Hayes) CHECK OUT MORE
All hail Zach King - who really is the king when it comes to combining Vines with magic. Or at least making it look like
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