Violent crime

This story is about young men (and yes, it is mostly men) who leave the forces early, rather than those who have undertaken multiple tours and spent a decent amount of time in the services. It's about those young men who already have a propensity for violence and who can't handle the discipline of the army. It's about how they are discharged and then booted out into society.
The brains in this image both belong to three-year-old children, yet the difference in size is dramatic. What's even more
We will be electing new Police Commissioners next month. They have a unique opportunity to reduce crime. But that can only happen if simple questions on what crime is being committed, where it is being committed and by who are answered based on evidence. Otherwise real issues could be lost in political correctness.
If women's prisons were closed statistical evidence has proven that the vast majority of the female prison population would be of no danger to the public and would make a great saving to the public purse.
The fear of crime blights society more than actual crime. Putting images of violent crimes into people's homes to try to get them interested in the police commissioners elections will only increase that fear.
Head injury can dramatically increase the chances of someone committing violent crime, a study has found. In a large group
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A murder investigation is under way after a crazed knifeman went on the rampage on Jersey killing six