viral video chart

iPhone 5 Concept Features is the top YouTube video of 2011 with over 38 million hits on the clip sharing site alone, and
His slender hips sway hypnotically from side to side, furry feet a-tapping to the Latino beat: meet Stuart the salsa dancing
Schoolboy Jonah Mowry holding up postcards that spell out his struggle with self-harm made the top of the viral video chart
A thought-provoking video with a twist in its tail has been challenging people’s views on marriage this week. In the same
This week's viral video chart recognises dare-devils with stunt artist Damien Walker’s free running feats, a single pipe
This week's viral videos watched the world go by literally, with Nasa's view of Earth from space as magical as riding the
Furious mother, Julia Hazel, did what many have only dreamed of doing - emptying a bucket of slime over a car-clamping attendant
Michael Jackson love has been all around this week, after an exhaustive trial saw Jacko's doctor Conrad Murray convicted
Pumpkins, clever costumes and spooky pranks have had trick-or-treaters stuck to their screens this week. A cat with whiskers
Watching a Chihuahua totter around inside a miniature military tank, in viral video 'Tank Dog' cheered up a sizeable portion