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Jeremy Corbyn has been widely congratulated after booking a seat on a train.  Virgin Trains gave a ‘warm welcome’ to the
So now Richard Branson has joined in the efforts to vilify Jeremy Corbyn. What is is that the Tories, the Murdoch press, the panicked wing of the Labour Party and now Branson, a man whose personal wealth rose by £86 million last year to a staggering £3.6 billion, really don't like about Jeremy Corbyn? I'll tell you: it's his winning streak.
Read more on The Huffington Post Following on from Jeremy Corbyn’s PR nightmare on Tuesday, people are still making fun of
Seemingly known for their quirky website-based jokes more than their politics in recent months, the Liberal Democrats have
His supporters are not taking this lying down. Or sitting on the floor.
It was claimed Corbyn had avoided the seats because he could not find four seats at a table or a double seat for him and
Sir Richard Branson has personally taken down the Labour leader.