Virginia Shooting

Adam Hills has continued his usual trend of hilariously skewering current events in his latest 'Last Leg' rant, this time
NEW YORK -- After building a wall on the Mexican border and initiating a trade war with China, President Trump would do nothing
NEW YORK -- When a nation is in mourning, you can always rely on a televangelist to stick his size 7 into the grief. This
NEW YORK -- If you can’t understand why America is unable to tackle the issue of firearms, here’s an avenue into the mindset
Journalists from around the world are offering touching tributes to two US broadcasters shot dead by a disgruntled former
A spokesman from The Sun confirmed to The Huffington Post UK that the picture was not photoshopped, saying: "It is completely
NEW YORK -- Following the latest deadly shooting on US soil, in which a TV reporter and cameraman were gunned down in Virginia
Both the victims were romantically involved with other employees at the station, according to Parker's boyfriend, WDBJ anchor
UPDATE: An earlier version based on local media reports incorrectly said the suspect had died. The man suspected of shooting
NEW YORK -- The brutal murder of reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, on Wednesday morning was met with