What the hell is that? Scientists ask this question every day when trying to work out how different living things are related to each other. The answers aren't easy or trivial. Biological affiliations are used not just to build a catalogue of life but also to understand how life has evolved into its many forms
On 2 June microbiologists will be discussing how crocodiles, frogs and snakes can help us fight infections. Antibiotics are
The National Institute of Health has had a tough year. After having initially discovered some long lost samples of Smallpox
Android malware is now coming right out and demanding money from its victims. Reports are emerging that so-called 'ransomware
It sounds like the plot of a horror film... But it's almost certainly fine. Scientists have re-awoken an ancient virus which
Computer viruses are increasingly terrifying, with the capacity to destabilise entire nation states. But for some reason
With temperatures set to plummet this weekend and weather forecasters warning of snow, the nation's minds will shift to two
UPDATE: The original version of this story states that PCs were being infected 'at the factory'. Microsoft's Digital Crimes
Apple has quietly removed a claim from its website that its computers do not get viruses. A recent wave of virus attacks
A deadly mosquito that spreads tropical diseases including dengue fever is poised to invade the UK due to climate change