visually impaired

I am a cane user, I have been now for just over seven years. I have been VI now for over 11 years and I have to say it really did change my life. You can check out my blog Moses of the High Street if you want to read my humorous take on life with a white cane. This blog however is focussing on the mental aspect of using a cane.
Did you know that there are more than two million people in the UK who are affected by sight loss? I just happen to be one of those people. I am 19 years old and a student at university. During my free time I love photography, going out with friends, anything that is vintage, and writing. In general, it isn't too different to every other 19-year-old!
I have recently been to Torino, in the north west Italy, and I pleasantly discovered that it is a city that has chosen to dismantle many of those insurmountable barriers; thus becoming one of Italy's favourite destination of tourism for the disabled.
At the moment, if a vision impaired person wants to travel by tube, they have the option of seeking assistance from a member of staff, a service that works well for the most part. However, it is the prospect of being able to get from a to b independently and without need for advanced planning, that is so exciting for these youngsters.
It can become incredibly frustrating considering that these dogs are given to people like myself to enhance our quality of life and enable us to become more mobile. When these access denials occur our mobility is prevented and our freedom of movement is hindered.
One of the more concerning headlines from the 2016 budget was the announcement of the 4.4bn cuts to disability services and
One of the messages I promote on my blog is that fashion is more than something we perceive with our eyes, it appeals to many of our senses. Fashion is more than a visual concept, it's language and a form of expression and it's tangible.
As many in my generation will have experienced, I left high school full of self-doubt and confusion about my future. I certainly didn't have a plan about what to do with my life and the idea of running my own business seemed completely alien to me. The only thing I was sure about is that I wanted to improve my English. So at a young age I took the plunge and moved from my hometown in Italy to the capital of the UK, full of nerves and anticipation for my future.
Masterchef star and visually impaired vlogger, Christine Hà has posted a fascinating tutorial showing how she applies make
Living with the knowledge that you'll eventually go blind is a hefty weight to bear. And Seema Flower has borne it better