Vivienne Westwood

Dame Vivienne Westwood has taken Chancellor George Osborne to task, in furious opposition to his proposals to cut incentives
In the wake of a stunt which saw her drive a tank to David Cameron's house in a protest against fracking, Dame Vivienne Westwood
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Fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood has driven a tank to David Cameron's house in a protest against the Prime Minister's
RJ Mitte, best known for playing Walt Jr. in the hit show Breaking Bad, has just taken on a new role... Modelling Vivienne
You may remember hearing about Kate Moss being chucked off an EasyJet flight from Turkey... Well she's back in the spotlight
Smashing communities, laying up trouble and expense for the future. What can we do? Politicians are criminals. Vote for who you believe in. Tactical voting is rubbish. After the election, fight for every issue. Demonstrate. Build the public debate. Talk to people. The social media can help to build a wave of opposition to government crimes against humanity. Talk, talk, inform yourself. And most important show your face: Demonstrate. Build the opposition, see what happens - take it from there.
In the last decade, she has reinvented herself from a spoilt, tantrum-reputed diva, to a mature, socially-engaged woman of the world, trying to do brilliant things, to encourage people powered change.
Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is injecting some much needed glamour into politics after she announced she will be touring
Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has attempted to deliver asbestos as a Christmas present to David Cameron in a protest