Ottessa Moshfegh’s new book, “My Year of Rest and Relaxation,” holds up a fun house mirror to the self-care fetish of the privileged.
'Students must learn science in a way that allows them to build their repertoire of transferable skills.'
We has some of the best minds write for us this week.
While its legalisation of cannabis is a progressive move, the Canadian government will introduce 'impaired driving' laws BEFORE doing any research on how to measure impairment.
Any parent of an infant can tell you that the phrase 'sleep like a baby' was clearly invented by someone without children.
This is the kind of selfless action that we see all over South Africa every day among the most diverse of people – what if it took collectively building bridges to dismantle the things in our past that still need to be shut down?
'Part of the reason for the crisis is the ANC’s failure to tackle the exclusion of millions from the mainstream economy,' says Professor Steven Friedman.
From a water perspective, we live in a ‘world of Cape Towns’.
'What is it about roller-coasters that some love so much, and is it an experience we tend to like less as we get older?'