Pregnant women should be given a personal budget which could allow them to appoint their own midwife, a major review into
I am the Specialist Speech and Language Therapist at the 'Charing Cross' Gender Identity Clinic in London and it's my job to enable trans clients to align their gender vocal and communicative expression to their gender identity. In a nutshell, I help transmen sound more masculine, transwomen sound more feminine and non-binary individuals find their individual sound...
Ousted MP George Galloway should be allowed back in to the Labour Party from which he was expelled, former Mayor Ken Livingstone
Stephanie Davis has reportedly had to pull out of ‘I’m A Celebrity’ just over a week before the launch of the new series
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is embroiled in a bitter row with a top Commons committee boss over suppressing evidence about
It surprises me what hypocrites we in the UK can be. We happily use our elevated global status to pressurise other countries into doing our bidding. We happily sanction certain countries...but we will never criticise America. Why are we so scared to stand up against what is wrong?
Nicola De Maine has no previous experience of writing for publication. She recently joined the BATTLE LINES New Writing Programme
As the holy month of Ramadan commenced on Thursday 18th June 2015 around the world, Muslims have started to fast from dawn till dusk. In Gaza, the backdrop whilst breaking fast is a reminder of the suffering, war and destruction that Palestinians are left to face with on a daily basis.
DERREN LAWFORD - LONDON LIVE COMMISSIONING EXEC. Derren Lawford, Commissioning Exec at London Live explained: " London Live