voluntary and community sector

There could be strength in and to be gained exploring how to develop a shared and joint approach to shared challenges and issues including social injustice. Has the time come to explore? I think that it has.
The role of the state at least in terms of the organising, funding and delivery of public services will undoubtedly be a
Many in the voluntary and community sector instinctively and ideologically reject the neo-liberal love of markets and competition
At the end of October, London Mayor Sadiq Khan launched his 'statement of intent' consultation document - A City for All
If ever there was a time for bold, brave focussed leadership in the voluntary and community sector, at both national and local level, surely it is now? And this must particularly be case in respect of the local community and small charity sector, which are the backbone of strong communities and the catalyst for local social action.
The Big Lottery Fund's report and initiative on "The Future of Doing Good" is both timely and challenging. As the Government
We're calling for a Mayor of London who will guarantee all young Londoners the chance to play, volunteer, participate in sport, and take advantage of London's fantastic cultural offer. All of these things can be delivered in partnerships between youth organisations, schools and other providers.
There is a real opportunity for the sector can lead by example so that it can be ahead of the public and business sectors - surely this is what the sector's values require and the public expects.
I love libraries. I always have. They are universities for the masses. Seats of learning with no tuition fees. Places where
My plea to council leaders and senior officers is simply this - remember that you and the local voluntary and community sector seek to serve the same communities and same people. Respecting, valuing and working with each other as 'real' trusted partners, you can make a big difference, especially in these hard times of austerity and cuts.