Volvo, arguably one of the most progressive car manufacturers out there, has done something rather amazing. From 2019, the
Volvo has announced that in 2017 it will become the first car company to offer a car without a key. Instead the company will
Volvo has unveiled the next-generation of media entertainment for cars at CES 2015 and it looks like in the future we'll
Black Friday 2015 looks set to be one of the most soul-destroying weekends on record, with customers from the UK expected
As if having one of the most efficient transport networks in the world wasn’t enough, Swedish commuters have been getting
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The world of making music videos is often one associated with glitz, glamour, and non-stop action. What you’d not normally
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A video has appeared seemingly showing the horrific moment that a 'self-driving' car ploughed into a group of dealership
Neighbours came out to see why the cars had slowed to find a wire coming out my kitchen window attached to my car. They asked if I could park there every day, which I did for the week and we all enjoyed a 'slow zone' during this time.
On the second day of CES the tech gods saw the swathes of hot, aggravated journalists slowly getting nowhere and decided
So it's your first night on the job as a valet at the swanky San Remo casino on the Italian Riviera. You've changed into
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