I would need a car that was kind to the environment and to my pocket to cover all of the territory. As a photographer I often carry a substantial amount of equipment and this would be a perfect opportunity to show the space available a variety of cars.
Do you remember your first car, was it handed to you by your proud parents who said, "Go on, be free, travel the world with your dreams - oh and be safe too." Mine was a chocolate brown Vauxhall Astra I can't seem to remember if it was an estate or an elongated hatchback...
The automotive industry aside this fine Scottish company supplies leather to luxury yachts, private aircraft and to the Houses of Parliament: it really has come a long way since the days of a simple tannery.
Apple has announced 'CarPlay' - a version of iOS designed specifically to be used in the car. And yes, that includes Apple
When I asked Volvo if I could take one of their cars 'up north' for my Distilleries book project, they asked what car would I like, I suggested an AWD Cross Country or something that showed a bit of ruggedness.
Volvo thinks its new trucks are easy to steer. So easy they gave the job to a hamster. The Swedish car giant built a steering
As a CEO you can no longer hide behind your corporate branding. Customers demand you live and breathe the brand (think Steve
It's not often a battery charger gets us excited but then battery chargers don't normally look like this. The Pure Tension
The Volvo S60 Polestar Concept is a really great car with its 4wd, it held the road well, the voice of the engine was deep and the comfort of the drive was more like a 4 door road road car than a 146mph hill climber.
Forty-tonne heavy goods lorries are not exactly known for their ability to stop quickly on a wet road and if one hits you