This is one of Benin's many hundred voodoo convents: the home of secrets, sorcery and a place where children allegedly possessed by spirits are sent to be healed. Children can spend up to seven years in these convents, disconnected from the outside world and I'm here to find out more.
If you put the word "Eczema" into a search engine, the first things that you will see are advertisements. These adverts offer cures in the form of magic pills and mystical diets that will only be revealed to you if you buy an extortionately priced book.
This charming Michael Gove voodoo pincushion is guaranteed to jazz up the layer of pointless crap already clogging up your
Megan Fox can speak in tongues, compares herself to a Aztec human sacrifice and describes her love for the Book of Revelations
A secondary teacher who threatened to put a curse on a special needs pupil and drown him, and racially abused two others