vote of no confidence

As a trade-off to help keep Trollip in his position, the PA has been offered a spot as member of the mayoral committee (MMC) for roads and transport and may be offered the deputy mayor position as well.
Zuma is exploiting what wriggle room he has left. He’s effectively saying that the forces ranged against him aren’t convincing enough.
The ANC's parliamentary caucus is reportedly ready to move against Zuma if he does not resign.
"One day we will find ourselves out of power... It will be taken away from us through the barrel of the voting process in Parliament, which is not a gun."
The EFF ultimately decided to vote with the DA, swaying the vote away from the ANC.
The programme will focus on 'desirable standards and values' to prevent corruption of the state.
The ongoing pressure exerted by civil society formations have already borne fruit.
He has ten days to say why he should not be removed.
"Senior government officials within the ANC attempt to persuade me to overlook the act of stealing money by those who are elected to lead the nation."