VQ Day

The advice we give to sellers is to really shout about everything that you love about your property - chances are someone else will love it too. It's a bit like online dating. If someone posts a profile that lists simply their age, height, weight, number of kids and profession then you only get a one dimensional view of them. It's the same with property.
Looking back, what I remember vividly is the dedication and enthusiasm of those who taught me. The practical skills I learnt from this vocational training have stayed with me for life and provided a solid foundation for my career as a garden designer. I have extremely happy, fond memories of this time - much better memories than those in the classroom not really interested in what I was being taught.
In the current economic climate it's so important to think about the nature of our work. More and more people are thinking about doing work that really matters.
Having launched VQ Day 2015 here in Wales earlier this month, the latter is particularly relevant. High quality apprenticeships and other vocational qualifications should be a normal career pathway for many more young people, and a routine means through which businesses recruit and develop their talent pipeline.