England coach Roy Hodgson has changed his plans over an official trip for players' wives, families and girlfriends to the
We do need to be careful about what our children are exposed to. No, we cannot protect them from everything all the time but we do need to be aware of what they see because children are sponges and they soak it all in - the good and the bad. Unfortunately, good role models and positive influences in modern media are rare.
Has the media become tired of all the reality show 'celebs' and the fashion designing footballer's wives? It would seem that the 15 minute fame grabbers have out stayed their welcome. Today the older woman is packing a punch!
Date night, for us, the first one in an absolute age. So we decided to go back to the place that holds a special significance for us, Corinthian. It's where we conducted the majority of our brief courtship.
Little Rooney supports his dad Wayne with a personalised England kit Wayne Rooney arrived at training sporting a new hair
Wayne Rooney's wife Coleen is set to fly to Poland to join her husband at Euro 2012. She is one of a number of Wags who will
Euro 2012 starts today, and although we're not going to pretend that the prospect of (apparently) endless international football
Parents are sending their daughters to private schools to protect them from the materialistic WAG culture, according to an
Who: Coleen Rooney, Abbey Clancy and Liz McClarnon (of Atomic Kitten fame).
The harder I tried to create an English football team on a small Micronesian island, the less I achieved. It was only when I understood that I had to learn from the players as much as I had to teach them that things started to happen. A national football team is a crucial statement of national identity - it must represent its people.
A Posh and Becks style relationship is off the cards for The X Factor winners Little Mix as the girl group have been banned
Nicola Mclean and Natasha Giggs are to clash in the Celebrity Big Brother house when the series returns on 5 January. It's
While we celebrate men for their prowess in politics and sports and business when it comes to women there is only one thing that we really ever celebrate them for.