Walking Dead

Imagine your perfect festival. Sunshine. Great music. Party atmosphere. Relaxation even...
Alanna Masterson (a.k.a Tara Chambler in Walking Dead) announced she was pregnant with her first child with a full length
As The Walking Dead's tagline so rightly says: we should fear the living. Not least because lots of them stagger around like
3. When Carol blew stuff up like a boss Image: Cynyster Monkey 5. When Glenn is all, "We should save that guy" ...... and
And understandably so. It's pretty much scared the living daylights out of us - and we're only watching the video! The prank
With dystopian sci-fi ascending to become the go-to genre for big-budget productions (see Oblivion, Star Trek and The Hunger Games), bastardised gothic-horror is finally being beaten into submission, receding into the shadows like a sparkly vampire. Hurrah.
Love Mad Men? Love The Walking Dead? Love the idea of those two shows being mashed together into an amateur comedy extravaganza
Fortunately for humanity, even on Halloween the zombie menace is still basically a fictional threat. But a look to the animal