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Well, I've been back from Spain for a week and half, sitting on this blog while I gathered my thoughts and weighed up the experience I just put myself through. Unfortunately, my thoughts all amount to pretty much one thing - I walked over a F*****G MOUNTAIN.
On Sunday, I was in an shop that sells clothing for people who profess to actually liking sport, looking for a pair of trousers that zipped off at the knee to become shorts, and getting increasingly frustrated that there weren't any short enough for my stubby little legs.
The darker evenings have caught me unawares a couple of times recently. Fortunately, I've not been far from home and I've had access to lights for my bike so I've coped with relative safety. But being caught in the dark on the hills in Scotland is never a good idea.
A regular stroll or brisk walk in the park could rapidly slash the death rate of heart disease, cancer and other chronic