Walt Disney World

Police arrested Richard McGuire, who described the island as a "tropical paradise."
The tourist spot that usually welcomes millions of international visitors a year has been shuttered since mid-March.
ITV said it would still honour the winners of the Place On A Plane competition.
This little kid handled every traveler's nightmare like a champ.
The characters’ costumes looked SO different.
Disney’s 'Star Wars'-themed lands at its California and Florida resorts now have opening seasons.
Visit Disneyland and Disney World on the same day without leaving home.
Boy's father desperately tried to wrestle his son away from the reptile.
Read more on The Huffington Post Disney spokeswoman Jacquee Wahaler said everyone at the resort was devastated by what happened
Read more on The Huffington Post In stark contrast to the perfectly preened landscapes the tourist trap is known for, the
Saving Mr Banks is still a tear-jerking, feel good, surprisingly dark Christmas cracker. Practically perfect in (almost) every way.
Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is offering free dining to everyone who books a holiday before 5th of November. Come Stateside with me as I attempt to make a dent in the more than 6,000 menu items on offer.
If you're one of the thousands of repeat visitors that yo-yo between Blighty and the Sunshine State each year, then this is hardly a revelation. However, if you have yet to take the plunge, here's the lowdown on the top attractions at Walt Disney World at the moment.
The Walt Disney Company is celebrating its 90th birthday. On 16th October 1923, Walt Disney signed a contract with MJ Winkler
*Seven confirmed by the woman who provided her voice. But first, the plot... It's not easy being 16, especially when you're
As we drove into DisneyWorld, I felt a surge of excitement. I had dreamed of visiting Disney forever and that dream was coming true. However, I was also slightly worried. When I had been begging my parents to take me, I was still in love with Belle, Toy Story and Pluto.