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Two years after an American trophy hunter infamously killed Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe, another huntsman shot one ofCecil's
Zimbabwe will not charge Walter Palmer for killing Cecil the Lion because he did not break any of the country's hunting laws
NEW YORK – A phalanx of camera crews and assorted global media, along with a few protesters, gathered outside a small dental
Walter Palmer is back. Or at least his dental practice in Bloomington, Minnesota has reopened, replete with a newly hired
"I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt
Admittedly, it's quite difficult to generate a massive amount of sympathy for Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer. In case you've
So, next time you want to bag a trophy for the wall with your archery set, remember these five basic rules on how to kill animals and get away with it.
"So come watch this lion rip that dentist's f***ing throat out," the narrator says, "as that world cheers on the public execution
Anytime there is a picture of a game hunter with a lion, the internet blows up with well-meaning, but ultimately wrong-headed reactions. Some of the more disgusting commentary threatens violence against humans.
If we truly want an end to violence in the world, then we need to initiate that end in ourselves first. In order to achieve this, we must recognise that thoughts and words come before action. And so, we must begin by tackling the violence in our own thoughts, words, and behaviours if we wish to see an end to it in the behaviour of others.