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“I fired until the threat was stopped, like I’m trained to do,” he said.
There is no justice for those who have already lost their lives. But there is hope that the perpetrators of those crimes will not be perpetually exonerated. The greatest legacy can be our continued fight to achieve it.
Walter Scott Keel said Santana’s cell phone footage confirmed initial suspicion. He said he expects Santana will be able
UPDATE: Walter Scott Policeman Fired After Fatal Shooting Video A white US police officer has been charged with murder after
In Citizens of the World: David Hume and Allan Ramsay, we are treated to some of the painter Allan Ramsay's most celebrated works. Throughout the exhibition we can draw connections between the overlapping lives of great enlightened philosophers like Jean-Jacques Rousseau and David Hume.
For Thomas Carlyle, the spiritual father of Scottish National Portrait Gallery, the 'oldest Scottish portrait I can recollect to have seen, of any worth, is that of James IV'. This is, almost, the first portrait that we come across in the first gallery. But before we even begin the journey, we are greeted by an ingenious little curatorial warning in the form of Patrick Grant.