Waltham Forest

Yesterday we exchanged. I guess that makes us the "lucky" ones. We finally get closure. I dread to think how it will be for others affected by CPO now; what risible price will they be offered in today's economy? And how many affordable and social rent homes will be sacrificed to keep development partners sweet across the UK?
The joyous climax of the Walthamstow housing awards is where Stella Creasy presents the prizes for the Best Estate Agent and Best Letting Agent, a fabulous bit of free advertising for them but a photo opportunity that seems astonishingly out of touch with the housing issues affecting many of her constituents.
The names of young children "at risk" of radicalisation were mistakenly released to the public, the BBC revealed on Monday
My husband is a lifelong Labour voter. I can't say the same; in 2010 I voted Lib Dem but, well... that won't be happening
Social cleansing is an emotive word that is completely inappropriate for this regeneration scheme, which will benefit our existing residents and improve homes to ensure they meet the needs of our future generations.
The letter was swiftly followed by a visit from a council official, who spouted jargon about decanting, phasing and acquisition. She coldly talked about "units" rather than homes and seemed genuinely astonished that we were unhappy about their proposal to knock down our affordable, lovely home in order to build far less affordable ones.
Two people have been prosecuted for spitting in a London borough, in a move that is expected to set a precedent around the
A primary school teacher who compared Jews to Star Trek's Vulcans, has lost his attempt to argue that his anti-Jewish views
A series of marches by a right-wing group has been banned amid fears of violence on the streets. Policing minister Damian
Twitter has come under a great deal of criticism for its role in mobilising riots across London, which started in Tottenham