War Horse

Almost by the very action of suspending their disbelief for the puppets, audiences are able to immerse themselves more fully in the production and that affords us a wonderful opportunity to play.
Does every member of the audience at this year's Proms have to see the oboe player in order to enjoy the solo? Of course not. Furthermore, if Nick Starr believes that actors pretending to be musicians is preferable to actual live musicians then why don't we just bung a tape on and fill the pit with actors at the Albert Hall? I know, I'm being absurd, but I didn't start it.
It's finally here! After four years and even a postponement a couple of years ago, "the Tori Amos musical" has finally arrived at the National. For a show so long in the making, it has more flaws than you would expect but they cannot dim the magic of The Light Princess.
Morris is adamant that Britain is in what he calls 'a really weird state of extraordinary creative health'. 'The cultural centre is healthy and has enormous capacity to grow,' he says, 'but we have all sorts of old-fashioned knee-jerk resistances to embracing that opportunity.' The trick, therefore, is to free the UK of its default setting of archaic mores and systems of thought.
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