War On Drugs

On November 15 of this year, I read about how the City of London Corporation wishes to evict Occupy London. Hannah Borno intends to resist such efforts. My sympathies are with her.
What do spies do when they retire? Write novels, garden, spend time with their family - or, in the case of one former MI5
First there was the sleeping, then the swearing and now the House of Lords want to legalise drugs. Well, some of them do
A Canadian inquiry into the Robert Pickton case, involving the capture and murder of drug addicted sex trade workers in the
When we finally get past this whole thing - war on drugs, hitting bottom, abstinence only - future generations will perceive it all much as we, today, perceive monstrosities like the persecution of witches and the Inquisition.
Often, dependence of any kind is presumed - without reflection - to be a problem that must be solved. For the record, every human being depends on air, food and water - are we all sick, or defective, for this reason?
If you think that something like a "war on drugs" was a good idea to begin with, and also that it can be won, then by all means keep it up. I advise you to watch many episodes of the Three Stooges, and to learn all that you can from your mentor, Curly.
I urge every good citizen to take an enlightened, progressive view, and to support the caring professions in their heroic efforts to help all right-wing nutjobs to recover from their illness and become acceptable members of society.
In August of this year, Deborah Waddington reviewed my recently published book. While very supportive overall, Deborah took issue, as many do, with my use of the term "genocide" in targeting the governing approach to addictions.
I know a crack addicted woman who has been through a great deal in her addiction. Many have questioned her as a mother, and the questions are understandable.