war photography

As reported by the national press, the young girl is called Hudea and she was photographed in December 2014 at the Atmeh refugee camp in Syria, near the Turkish border, where she had travelled with her mother and two siblings, roughly 150km from their home in Hama.
Timed to coincide with the First World War centenary, the Tate Modern has opened a new exhibition that examines wars and conflict in photography. But this is not a simple display of photojournalism.
Carsten Stormer, a war photographer, was a man born out of place, and has spent most of his life rushing between peace and peril, trying to find out where he should be: hence the title of his memoir...
The success of Mosse's work exposes the shortcomings of other war photography and documentary photography today: much of it fails to overcome the widespread desensitisation of the viewing public. His undulating vermillion landscapes and conspicuous magenta figures are not rose-tinted depictions, so to speak: they do not make light of the grave situation.
When I met Don McCullin at the weekend there was no sense of "been there done that" with him. Although he has shown his work all over the world, he was as proud of his work today as ever. An ordinary man, with an extraordinary talent for documenting history.
Timothy Fadek calls himself a "news junkie" but he's really a photojournalist, one of the best. On this topic, he's modest. He chuckles knowingly as I try to prize his global ranking from him. "I'm not telling you", he laughs. "I'm not in the top 1%, but I am in the top fifty".
Don McCullin is one of the most-celebrated living war photographers, having covered conflicts from Iraq to Vietnam, from