Since January, we have witnessed a global march to protect human rights and other issues. Thanks to Trump. (Warning: contains "Watchmen" spoilers.)
There is a very old joke; it has appeared in different forms over the years, most famously in Alan Moore's seminal graphic
If anybody ever asks me, "who's your favourite superhero?", I always have to say Superman, because he is the grand-daddy of them all. If there wasn't Superman, there wouldn't be superhero comics at all.
Superheroes? Maybe not. Superficially alluring to a small subsection of disenchanted Tory voters? Certainly. Able to push a jittery Tory party to the right, despite having few policies and no MPs? Quite possibly.
It is news that will delight comic book fans across the world - DC Comics are planning to release a series of prequels to
Dave Gibbons is a British illustrator and writer best known for his work on Watchmen, which as one of the most influential