water and sanitation

South Africa can manage its national–level water system by using policies and technologies that already exist.
Is it the mayor, the deputy mayor, the provincial premier, or the leader of the DA? Who exactly is spearheading this campaign?
"People must respond positively to water restrictions when implemented, reduce water consumption and look at water as a scarce resource."
"It is not about blame shifting," says department of water and sanitation over DA accusations that it failed to fulfil its mandate.
African countries are behind the global curve in providing clean water and sanitation services, but creating a water-poverty map is a good start.
Early last year, a schoolboy named Wahiba slurped down a bowl of watery porridge in his school in the slum of Kibondemaji
I spent a week in Kenema government hospital and witnessed five births in total. None of the babies survived. My heart ached with pain for the mum's and midwives who had to endure this suffering. But this was and is the daily reality of life in Kenema government hospital, and it's a story repeated across Sierra Leone. You only have to travel to a cemetery to see the rows and rows of tiny graves which fill the graveyard.
From Liberia to Nepal, Ethiopia to India, progress is being made to ensure more disabled people are living lives with dignity with inclusive water infrastructure, accessible toilets and improved hygiene services.
The United Nations likes numbers and when it comes to international development it would seem the bigger the better. This
Next time I turn the news on and see a story about people living through a drought, or floods affecting people's houses and lives, I won't just feel sorry for them. I will understand a lot better what they must be going through and will pick up that phone and donate more and encourage everyone I know to do the same.