water cannon

Boris Johnson was left red-faced today after Theresa May poured cold water on his plans to allow the use of water cannon
Theresa May today poured cold water on the use of water cannon in mainland Britain, despite London Mayor Boris Johnson having
Theresa May has poured cold water on Boris Johnson's plans for to arm London's police with water cannon, refusing the Mayor
Why not perhaps use water cannons, indeed, Rosemary Church of CNN International? They're not that bad, after all... At least
Water cannon have been shipped to the UK and are being prepared for use in London despite police not yet having official
"London's has purchased three water cannon for the Met Police's armoury against austerity protesters this year. Surely it's
As so often, changes in philosophy are working their way from the ground-up and it is the "leaders" of society that are going to have to adapt and change.
Nick Clegg has said he is looking forward to watching Boris Johnson get blasted by a water cannon, as he condemned the London
Boris Johnson has agreed to be blasted by a water cannon to prove they are safe, after he controversially bought three for
London Mayor Boris Johnson has ordered the purchase of three water cannon - even though the Government has yet to agree they