water crisis

From a water perspective, we live in a ‘world of Cape Towns’.
There is a new phrase in Cape Town's lexicon: Day Zero injuries.
April rainfall should tell us whether enough rain will fall this year to avoid Day Zero scenario in 2019, say UCT scientists.
South Africa can manage its national–level water system by using policies and technologies that already exist.
"Unfortunately, usage has increased by 54 million litres per day from last week's record low of 511 million litres per day."
When's Day Zero? The new cartoon book for 50 percent of the adults in Cape Town.
It's the poorest South Africans who bear the cost and who have little choice but to eat what they've been served.
Canada has more freshwater per capita than most countries, but not as much as we might think, and that's a problem.
Inequity and a lack of fairness and justice pervade water distribution.
Western Cape's agricultural output will fall and capital spending on water infrastructure will rise.