We look forward to working with Jeremy to ensure that the Labour Party is a welcoming place where Disabled People can get involved in political activity and influence the Labour Party's policies, ensuring that they are underpinned by the social model of disability.
The Work Capacity Assessment (WCA) for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) has been controversial to many people, and
The government should take this opportunity to think very carefully about whether the WCA is the right assessment to continue with. At the very least they shouldn't bind the next government to lengthy contracts for delivering WCAs if that will hinder the opportunity to give the WCA the massive overhaul, even total replacement, that it very much needs.
It is disgraceful that this pathetic and spineless IT company - that allowed itself to be compromised by vindictive welfare reforms - is anywhere near the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
So I'd like to introduce Mr Osborne to few people: Shaun Pilkington shot himself after his Employment and Support Allowance
In the UK today disabled people are astonished by the absurdity of a whole new system that has emerged out of the Department
I wrote this post for Hardest Hit, and have simply cross-posted here. Hardest Hit was pleased to see Isabel Hardman's piece