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She could probably teach Geri Horner a thing or two...
As we reach the halfway point of Strictly Come Dancing, Will Bayley has to bow out, we go over which couples are most likely to end up in the final, Mariah Carey’s infamous single All I Want For Christmas turns 25, and Emma Thompson tries to get a waiter re-hired after an embarrassing selfie blunder.
The Daenerys Targaryen actress spilled the (coffee) beans on Jimmy Fallon's US chat show.
Olivia Colman's highly anticipated turn as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown is among the highlights.
The Friends star made it clear she was not impressed in the hilarious exchange.
The Paralympic gold medallist is reportedly awaiting news on whether he can remain in this year's series.
Some viewers even suggested that the more stressful moments were not in the spirit of the show.