wealth gap

Oxfam's latest report on global inequality revealed staggering disparities in wealth.
Millennials are unlikely to attain their parents' level of wealth, report finds.
The whole point of trick-or-treating, of course, is that children get candy ― free ― from friendly neighbors. 
The real question we should be asking is not whether vast new wealth is being created, it's whether this is a system that benefits the many, and what, on reaching such dizzying heights, we should ask of those at the top.
One day we will look back on the myths that propped up this system with the same incredulity and scorn that we now do of claims of a superior race or race- the sooner that day comes, the better it will be for all of us.
Photography: Heavy Box by Clement127 from Flickr Dear Prime Minister I woke at 4.30am this morning with something on my mind
It looks like there is good news for people out there stuck in the rat race and wondering what it's all about, apparently there is a connection between affluence and happiness. So don't chuck in the day job quite yet then.
The recent decision by the Office of National Statistics to undertake large-scale data collection on the distribution of household wealth and assets in Britain has significant implications for public policy...
Boris Johnson has suggested that many countries are unlucky to have missed out on the "benefit of British rule". The London