Blacksmith Tony Swatton has taken on the mammoth task of recreating the Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword - and proven the weapon
A shell-shocked beach-goer spotted two men jauntily carrying two unexploded bombs, each slinging the high-risk souvenirs
The US government has ordered blueprints for the world's first 3D printable gun be taken offline. The announcement comes
A man on YouTube has decided to build a doubled-sided sword with an embedded electrical stun device. The electrical weapon
The United States once tried to build a "tsunami bomb" designed to wipe out coastal cities by triggering huge underwater
By promoting the sale of arms to the UAE, the prime minister has aligned himself with a regime that has clearly displayed its intentions to deal with potential civil unrest in a brutal manner.
Boeing is testing a missile which can destroy electronics in a wide area with little or no physical damage. The 'Champ' (Counter
Liam Neeson based his action hero character in the Taken movies on the real-life weapons expert who helped train him for
Police are responding to reports that a man with explosives and a gun is holding office workers hostage in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Britain is doing all it can to help people caught up in the Syrian uprising but will not send weapons to the rebels fighting