Wearable Gadgets

Christmas is approaching fast and with it, the unavoidable questions arise: what to buy for whom from where? What's on trend? What's worth investing in? This year, it looks like all people want for Christmas... is a wearable device. Think smartwatches and fitness and health trackers.
There is now a wearable smartband for your favourite penis. Whether it's your own male member or that of a friend, the Bondara
Claire Wyckoff is a runner. A runner with a project. She draws penises with GPS. True, her website Running Drawing isn't
For a low price of about £70, it feels like a bit of a steal in direct comparison to the RCX5. While offering nowhere near
Google has announced 'Android Wear', it's new platform for wearable devices. The project is designed to make it easier for
Some wearable tech is pretty new and innovative. But the idea itself? Nope. This picture proves that wearable technology
Scientists have developed a circuit board so thin it can fit on the surface of your eye. The ultra-thin circuit can be overlaid
Sony has unveiled a new wearable gadget which it claims is able to track your emotions. The 'Core' digital sensor is in some
If using a computer screen or holding a mobile phone just seems like too much effort, your lucky day may have arrived. Researchers