wearable tech

Technology today is often so innovative, that we never even realised we needed the gadget until we simply couldn’t live without
A London fashion student has invented the world’s first Oyster Card nails. Lucie Davis created the ingenious wearable tech
The world’s first prosthetic tattoo arm has been created for an amputee in Lyon, France. Tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet lost
A 25-year-old man has survived for 555 days with an artificial heart in a rucksack. Stan Larkin, from Michigan, is the first
These wearables will also help us determine what is "normal" for an individual. In the case of elderly at-risk people at home, this might be spotting when they haven't got up in the morning, or are getting up too frequently at night, and flagging the discrepancy to a care-giver.
This could also mean big things for our selfie game.
Samsung is planning to change how we all experience the world if their latest patent is anything to go by. The company has