Wearable Technology

Each year Fjord experts come together to debate the profound changes that digital technology is bringing to established ways of doing businesses and in our everyday lives.
This week, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has certainly shown that if a tech product isn't linked up to a consumer's lifestyle, it's just not fully embracing 'technology'. It's fair to say that everyone wants a piece of the tech pie.
Wearable tech is hot on the lips of every attendee at the 2014 CES, which is underway in Las Vegas. But with smartwatches having so far failed to capture our imaginations, manufacturers could have their work cut out to convince us we should be wearing our gadgets, rather than holding them.
This week, all the buzz in the tech world is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and stealing the show will be devices you can wear. These devices can be worn on all sorts of your body parts, help you track everything from your fitness, by Fitbit, to the new Google Glass which you can wear to add a digital layer to the real world.
Of all the things you can say about the modern world, the idea that it lacks ways to find where you're going is not one of
The advancement of credible and genuinely useful wearable technology has been evading developers for decades. Since the comic
Alongside these images the Autographer captures GPS and time data, and once plugged in via micro USB or connected via Bluetooth
That a wearable Apple smart device will eventually arrive in some form is now pretty much an inevitability - even if exactly
Clearly, the device will be able to take pictures, dictate emails and record video by itself, but in a business sense, the real value it can provide may well reside with third party independent software vendors (ISVs).
The number of females working in the technology industry may be decreasing by 0.5% every year, but out of this frenetic school scene of creativity and wearable technology came girls rushing to sign up to Mr. Talbert's computer science class next year.