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Read more on The Huffington Post Tutorials demonstrating how to set up the Face ID were included in the leak and show a (bizarrely
The Samsung Gear Sport doesn't bring a whole lot new to the party - and is more a rationalizing of last year's beefy Gear S3 into something a little sportier. However, its 5ATM water resistance makes it a better all-rounder than previous Samsung smartwatches and the partnership with Speedo could help it rival Garmin in the pool.
Jawbone is dead - as a consumer producer of gadgets anyway - and questions have to be asked about Misfit, which looks worryingly lifeless as we await the delayed Misfit Vapor sports smartwatch nearly a year after its unveiling.
Apple has its sights set on your Fitbit
Apple is reportedly going to release a brand-new Apple Watch that can connect to the internet using 4G and won’t require
How to downward dog... next to your dog.
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We’ve gone beyond disputing the power and life-changing potential of yoga. Even those of us who haven’t fully subscribed
Want to get closer to that six-pack? Here's how.